Ready to MUViN?

You’re free to choose when and where you want to move!

With FREEDOM Tiny House from MUViN Containers you’ve got less limits in time and space when choosing your home. You’ll get a solid and compact construction, based on a single container that can be installed quickly, anytime and almost anywhere – in the city, in the country, in the yard or on any other land you have. With an area of 40 ft 2 and the creative ideas of our MUViN interior designers, you’ll enjoy all the facilities of a comfortable home. There’s a living room, a kitchen and a dining area, a bedroom, a bathroom, as well as a terrace with a cooking area and a lounge for relaxation. In addition, the large windows offer brightness and spatiality, and the materials and finishes used provide durability and a special design.

Can’t wait to move in? Drop us a message below and we’ll tell you all about the MUViN Tiny House model that suits you!

Play Video about 4-Muvin-Tiny-40ft-outside