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More space for your well-being!

Are you longing for a holiday home in a quiet area, or maybe even a permanent home, but you don’t want to go through the stress of building a traditional house? With RELAX Tiny House from MUViN Containers you can genuinely relax: you’ll get a modular, fast and durable construction and more freedom in choosing the right land for your property.

RELAX is based on two containers with insulated multilayer walls and customizable premium finishes, which offer you an area of 45 square meters, plus a spacious terrace. You have all the utilities and comfort that you would expect from a modern home, in an ingeniously designed space to allow a maximum dose of relaxation both for you and for your family or friends.

Make a smart choice with RELAX Tiny House!

Can’t wait to move in? Drop us a message below and we’ll tell you all about the MUViN Tiny House model that suits you!

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