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Reinventing family life!

The world we live in is more interconnected than ever, and yet we need to pay more attention to our relationships with our loved ones. Quality time spent with the family is becoming more and more precious, and the space in which we live can bring us closer to each other. FAMILY Tiny House by MUViN Containers has the mission to provide the space and comfort necessary for each family member to manifest their personality, both individually and as part of the family.

With a structure based on two 40 feet containers, FAMILY Tiny House offers an open space living room with kitchen and dining area, a bedroom, a children’s room, lobby and bathroom. A generous outdoor space at the entrance comes to satisfy the need for relaxation of adults, while the children’s room has an extension to the outside for various activities, so that everyone feels good at home, both separately and together.

Spending time with your loved ones will be on another level in the FAMILY Tiny House!

Can’t wait to move in? Drop us a message below and we’ll tell you all about the MUViN Tiny House model that suits you!


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