Office Space

How will your employees and your business benefit from the actual container setup?

Office containers are considered quiet and comfortable, and their customizable nature allows you to improve on the interior design and even its overall structure, based on your specific business and ergonomic needs. Customizing a rented office space is difficult, and often subject to the approval of the real estate company or office management firm. However, a container is completely customizable.

Our premium office containers provide a fast, affordable and flexible solution when you need high-quality space. Whether you’re looking to use more budget-friendly, pre-used and refurbished containers or you’d like yours to be brand new, you can count on us to provide you with the best and fastest solution based on your budget and personal requirements.

All our containers can be used to create mobile and modular spaces, which can be dismantled and reassembled over and over again, from ground-level offices to buildings with 2 floors. It all depends on the size of the land at your disposal and all you need is a bit of creativity, but no worries if you’re better with numbers: our team will guide you all the way, from start to finish.

What are your benefits in all of this?

We can guarantee a faster response to your needs, which translates to faster and more efficient service.

And if this wouldn’t be enough, we also have a dedicated team which will provide you with container logistics, assembly and dismantling, repair, and maintenance.

Whether your “office” is a fast-food restaurant, an artisan shop, a pets’ clinic, a garage, a temporary hostel, etc., you can count on our expertise.

Our premium containers fall under 2 main categories, both of which can be set up with sanitary facilities including toilet, sink and shower:

  1. Pre-used and refurbished containers which, by renting them, provide the most budget-friendly option and limited customizing.
  2. Brand new containers that are 100% customizable based on your preferences.